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Britain Castagna United States

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About me

I'm cute and fun to be around.(At least my boyfriend and my friends think so.) I'm vary loudmouthed. I have a big thought about everything. I'm about as big a bookworm as anyone can get. I don't have a facebook so all you adoring boys 1:Do not knock the door down please form a line and 2:Don't look for me on facebook because my mom is uncool. Thanks!


Ummmmm... Idk what this means?


I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I love Lady Antebellum fan.I also like Carrie Underwood and some just random bands like Nickleback.I only like rap sometimes. I usally only like songs I can sing along to.(Break your Heart makes a excepsion to my rap polic

Movies and TV:

I am in love with Taylor Lautner. My best friends, Halle and Tori, say this is a crazy dream but someday it's going to happen and i'm going to laugh in their faces.I am going to follow Taylor Lautner to MI and we are going to get married.(MI is where he w


I play basketball and volleyball in fall,winter,and spring, and i swim in the summer.


Ummmm... I take art class?


Nopie Dopie.


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